I have worked with many emcees and auctioneers in the past and have never encountered a professional as solid as Scotty Gibbs. His integrity, work ethic and commitment to his craft put him in his own league!  He met with us in-person and via teleconference 5 times prior to our event, and he answered numerous unscheduled texts and calls. He researched our live auction items, asked for our fundraising goals and arranged the order of the live auction items to optimize our results.  Scotty’s involvement, ideas and Fund-A-Need were the major catalyst in NEEF having the most successful event on record!  His efforts increased our live auction proceeds more than 201% in a single year!  Please consider Scotty as an outstanding choice to serve as your Benefit and Fundraising Auctioneer, as he will deliver the successful results your event deserves!  Amy Lane, Executive Director


Scotty Gibbs met with our benefit auction committee to learn about our mission, our fundraising goals, answered numerous questions, and provided us with very helpful event planning information during our initial consultation.   He was very supportive with unlimited texts and phone calls leading up to our event, and he provided numerous suggestions of ways to raise more money to support our Mayor Emeritus Lila Cockrell Scholarship program.  He arrived early on auction day to conduct a sound check, trained our volunteer bid spotters, was very professional, and thanks to his talent, we raised more money than ever before in our live auction and Fund-A-Need!  Debra Reece, Foundation Director


Scotty Gibbs has been a Fundraising & Benefit Auctioneer for Ducks Unlimited since 2018, he conducts numerous events for us each year, and he has traveled thousands miles in South Texas to support our efforts to conserve, restore and manage the wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl.  Scotty has a championship auction chant, is very entertaining, has an amazing ability to connect with our audience, and he has tremendous salesmanship!  He is more than just an auctioneer, he is an ambassador for the Ducks Unlimited Mission!  Mike Wilson, South Texas Senior Regional Director


If you are in need of a Fundraising & Benefit Auctioneer that is truly passionate about making a difference in his community and the lives of others, look no further than Scotty Gibbs.  He has the ability to connect with the audience, serve as a spokesperson for your organization mission, encourage bidding, and inspire generosity.  He is a confident and motivational speaker, and he has an auction chant that is very clear, rhythmic, energetic and entertaining.  And most importantly, he truly cares about our mission of providing scholarships to 4H and FFA members, and ensuring the memory of our dear friend Don "Flint" Newbury lives forever through the generosity of the the Friends of Flint Scholarship Fund.  Robert Stuart, President, Friends of Flint, Inc.   


Scotty Gibbs met with our committee to learn about our organization, conduct an auction site survey, sound equipment assessment, and answered numerous questions we had about our upcoming fundraising auction event. Afterwards, he provided numerous e-mail, phone call and text support leading up to the day of our event.  On auction day, his sound equipment was phenomenal, his auctioneer skills were amazing, and afterwards, the compliments kept coming in about his friendliness, and ‘charm’ making our auction fun, lively, spirited, successful and the most profitable ever!  We keep Scotty booked two years in advance!  Julie Olson, Event Chairperson 


Scotty Gibbs served as our fundraising and benefit auctioneer at our 2018 Winter & Wine Tree & Wreath Auction to raise money to benefit and support Military Families during Mobilization & Deployment.  As a United States Armed Forces Veteran, Scotty can truly   

empathize with the challenges military families undergo during a mobilization or deployment, and he did an amazing job serving as an ambassador for our cause.  In addition, he has great stage presence, a championship auction chant, engages with the audience to encourage bidding, creates a fun environment for everyone, and his efforts resulted in us having a record setting event!  Sarah Kline, Event Chairperson


While Scotty Gibbs is a great fundraising and benefit auctioneer, he also has the ability to create a very fun and entertaining environment your guests will enjoy.  I recognized that ability and hired him to conduct a "Fun Auction" for my Sales Team in appreciation for all of their hard work throughout the year.  We reserved a private dining area at the Alamo Cafe, had a great meal and fellowship, and Scotty auctioned 60 prizes supplied by our company in which our Sales Team Members purchased with points they had earned throughout the year.  Scotty did an amazing job for us, has a championship chant, is very entertaining, has a great ability to connect with the audience, and I highly recommend hiring him for your Fun or Fundraising auction event.  John Genovese, District G Service & Parts Manager


Together, we will AIM HIGH, shoot for the stars and make your fundraising event one to remember!