Scotty Gibbs Auctioneer


  • The Championship Auctioneer skills of Scotty D. Gibbs are very clear, concise, rhythmic, and entertaining. 
  • As an emcee, he is natural-born public speaker with the ability to present benefit event script information clearly, calmly, and confidently. 
  • He is very conscious of the need to maintain timeliness and momentum throughout the fundraising event, and audience engagement is one of his main attributes since several hundred people are in typically in attendance at charity, fundraising and benefit auctions. 
  • In addition, his competencies go far beyond great bid calling, as he works with organizations not only as their Auctioneer, but also as an Ambassador of each Charity & Nonprofit Organization’s Mission. 
  • His success comes from knowing how to champion a nonprofit’s cause, being able to meaningfully engage audiences, and inspiring donor generosity. 
  • Whether you are selling live auction items worth $1000 or over $10,000 per package, Aim High Fundraising & Benefit Auction Service, LLC and Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Scotty D. Gibbs will maximize your financial return!