• Aim High Fundraising & Benefit Auction Service, LLC understands that every charity, fundraising and benefit organization is unique and so are their needs.
  • Some organizations just need us to serve as their live charity, fundraising and benefit event auctioneer, while others need a broader spectrum of the comprehensive services we provide.
  • Our rates are based upon the level of involvement needed from us, quantity of our services utilized, location of the event, size of the event, and the number of personnel and resources required to conduct the charity, fundraising and benefit auction event. 
  • We work with Texas charity, fundraising and benefit organizations of all sizes, no matter how small or large, and we take great pride in providing the highest level of service at the best possible value. 
  • In fact, our goal is for our fundraising and benefit auction services to make your event so much additional revenue, that our rates result in no cost at all to your organization. 
  • The right price, best value, always!  Contact us today…you’ll be glad you did.