Scotty Gibbs Auctioneer


  • Our Professional Charity, Fundraising and Benefit Auction Ringmen/Ringwomen are MORE than just bid-spotters. 
  • They are highly trained and entertaining salespeople whose goal is to encourage bidding, not only during the live benefit auction, but the silent auction as well. 
  • Historical results have proven that benefit auctions see dramatic increases in their revenues with Professional Ringmen/Ringwomen assisting the benefit auctioneer.
  • Before the live benefit auction even begins, our Professional Ringmen/Ringwomen are visiting with your guests about the silent auction items and assisting them with placing bids on their mobile device. 
  • They ensure the silent auction runs smoothly and closes on time with the most bids possible. 
  • They also have the ability to assist with promoting raffle ticket sales, fundraising games or other fundraising items that are not receiving the adequate donor attention they deserve.
  • During the live benefit auction, our Professional Ringmen/Ringwomen answer questions to ensure your guests are comfortable with the live auction bidding process, while increasing excitement and energizing the crowd.
  • Their focus is on identifying bidders, encouraging them to increase their bids and showing their gratitude to all bidders for their support of the live benefit auction and your organization's mission.
  • Our proven formula of 1 Professional Ringman/Ringwoman per 110 donors/bidders maximizes audience participation, minimizes confusion and produces successful results!